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Do you live or run a business in a rural area with limited to no access to reliable, high-speed internet?


We’re able to deliver up to 100M x 20M of low latency shared internet to residential customers.

For businesses we can deliver up to 200M x 50M of shared internet and up to 1 GIG of SLA-backed dedicated internet!

Best of all, for both home and business customers we provide super-low latency, jitter, and reduced lag even when compared to traditional cable customers.

We also offer QOS and static IP addresses to both residential and business customers. As far as we know, we’re the only internet service provider that will provide a home user with these services which dramatically improves the performance and reliability of IP phones, gaming, streaming, and simplifies remote access!

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Along with traditional services, we also offer:

For Business

Business VoIP Systems and POTS lines
Managed Router, VPN, and Firewall
Remote servers and storage
Automated backup solutions
ELAN, SD-WAN, Automated 4G Failover
Microsoft 365
Computer/Server sales and service (PC and MAC)

For Home

Home Phone Service
Managed Router, VPN, Remote Access
Automated backup, Managed firewall
Microsoft 465
Computer/Server sales and service (PC and MAC)